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Transform Culture.

Embrace Effective Communication.

Abbie Yamamoto

Diversity drives growth.

Diversity is also our future.

Is your organization ready to embrace diversity?

Is it laying the groundwork for growth?

Embrace effective communication and prepare for growth.


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Cross-Cultural Consulting


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to cross-cultural communication.

Experience smooth landing and effortless sailing in the sea of cross-cultural negotiations. Understand nuance and connect it to success.

Marketing Material Localization


Specialty: Japan, Japanese

Language validation or review, image review, disaster check, transcreation, report, marketing material review, bilingual (English and Japanese) SEO research and review and bilingual content creation.

Diversity Training


Understand the many faces of "diversity". 

Appreciate difference. 

Bond over your surprising similarities.

Learn how to communicate effectively and professionally.

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